The sky dominates this project, creating a sense of freedom; a freedom that is restricted by the elements that are tied to the ground: the electric cables, the kite strings, the top of the roofs. A geometry is present in a non absolute way as it gets interrupted by organic shapes.

The paradox of the city had always been a visual threat for me. I needed a way out of the Greek urban landscape; and the only place that I managed to escape was upwards. In a middle zone. Where I was not running away from my pursuer but gained a pure contact with freedom. Although, completing this series, I realised that I have started to come to terms with the urban images, to almost like them and anything touching the sidewalks of the city and the turmoil of people. Now when I take a step back all these can become abstract concepts and if you take one more, they can become colors.

Antennas~ were exhibited at the Peiraios 260 Storehouse, during the Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2014.

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